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Aaron Newman has been a volunteer with Ti Kay since 2011 when he worked at the clinic in Haiti.  In 2013 he started HaitiCon with Jess McCartney, Gordon Wohlers, and Jenn Capps in 2013 to raise funds for Ti Kay and to build the board gaming community in San Francisco.

2019 Organizers

Adam Frange

Lom Friedman

Krystal Fernandes

Robert Lopez

Jess McCartney

Aaron Newman

Imran Pirani


Ti Kay means “Little House” in Haitian Kreyol. TB was traditionally the “malady of the little house.” It was the disease of the small houses where people were quarantined. But at the same time, given the problems of housing many patients face, it is currently a disease of those in need of little houses or with only the littlest houses.


Ti Kay, Inc. is a medical non-profit organization that started in 2011. Initially, Megan Coffee, a US doctor, and a group of Haitian nurses established and inpatient TB program immediately after the earthquake. This work focused on the care of those who fall through the cracks. The work focused on those who were critically ill who required oxygen or assistance to breathe. The work also focused on those who were not adherent to their care.


Currently, outpatients continue to receive support as needed to continue their HIV meds or complete their TB treatment. Work is undergoing to establish a new specialty center for the care of critically ill patients. Work also continues in establishing the best means of helping patients adhere to their medications.


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